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ArrowSphere xSP Central

Improving software license management for MSPs.
Managed service providers using ArrowSphere xSP Central have instant access to a dynamically growing portfolio of product, program and pricing information for 1000+ software licenses in one place.
This enables MSPs to select the best combination of technology and cost for their chosen cloud service, while benefiting from the ability to quickly expand their offerings as new services continuously become available.

ArrowSphere xSP Central Benefits

1000+ software licenses catalogue
Our unique portfolio of product, program and pricing information for 1000+ software licenses is easily accessible online, saving you time and money when planning new services or for MSPs looking to refine their existing service(s).
Accelerate time to market with minimal investment
Our collection of ArrowSphere accredited service providers makes it possible to assemble a customised catalogue of reliable, cloud-ready services, so you can complement your current portfolio with new offerings, cross-sell, develop new markets and better support your customers’ needs.
Automate recurring reporting tasks
Leverage the fully automated reporting process with validation steps, that is included in ArrowSphere xSP Central to deliver recurring reports more efficiently and more accurately.
Transform your business and optimise the utilisation of msp program benefits
Get the latest information on the various xSP programs and updates from all ISVs in one place. Simulate service margins (integrating other internal costs, HW, Services, ...) before you build new services.
Increase existing customer lifetime value
Through your own existing online shop or your branded webstore, end customers can consider new capabilities, provision new services, and increase or decrease their usage levels in real time as their business needs change.